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More and more people choose fair produced goods. However, few people consider how these goods have arrived in our shops. We want to change this! SEKO seafarers' branch works for fair conditions to be valid all the way from production to transport. As much as 80% of the world's transports are made by shipping, but despite this fact shipping is the least regulated way of transport.


With the commitment from more companies, politicians and consumers we will be able to do more! Now the fight has started! Below you can find out more about the working conditions at sea and how we can improve the conditions for the world's seafarers.


Here you can download and read our campaign folder "The fight for fair bananas on the oceans starts now" and our reports "Fair Freight for human rights in the transport sector" and "Is a seagull more worth than a seafarer?".


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Seko seafarers' branch is a branch of Seko, the Union of Service and Communication employees. At present, there are around 7 500 members. Common occupations in Seko seafarers' branch are ordinary seaman, seafarer engine, chief cook, waiter and catering assistant.